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Vita Machiulskiene


The European Organisation for Caries Research or ORCA in acronym is a scientific organisation which promotes oral health through scientific research in the field of Cariology. In 1953, ORCA was founded as an international organisation based in Europe and since then it has been brought together dental professionals from all around the world.

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Current ORCA related news

May 2015

The abstracts of the 62nd ORCA Congress in Brussels, Belgium, 1-4 July, 2015 are available at:

2. (access for ORCA members only)

April 2015

WORKSHOP "Methodology for determination of potentially available fluoride in toothpastes"
In Memoriam Nathan Cochrane - Frankfurt, Germany - February 4-5, 2015
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March 2015


We are pleased to announce that in connection with the 62nd ORCA Congress in Brussels, two symposiums will be organised back-to-back with the main ORCA Conference:

1) Pre-Congress Symposium "Caries Epidemiology and Surveillance in Europe: towards a harmonised approach" on July 1st from 9am to 4pm, organised by ORCA, ACFF Europe, EADPH and PBOHE.

2) Saturday Afternoon Symposium " Occlusal Caries: biological approach for its diagnosis and management" on July 4th from 2pm to 5pm, organised by ORCA.

Both symposia will take place at the main congress venue: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Rue Fossé aux Loups 49, 1000 Brussels – Belgium

To register to the Pre-congress symposium ONLY login at:

March 2015
Election for vice-president in 2015
We are pleased to announce that MONIQUE VAN DER VEEN (Netherlands) and JOANA CARVALHO (Belgium) were nominated as candidates for Orca vice-president in 2015. The elected vice-president will become the ORCA president in 2017.
You are invited to read the short CVs and statements of the candidates, and to vote for one of them through the membership section. Voting can take place until May 1st, 2015.
The right to vote is given to all ORCA members who have paid membership fee 2015.
Our best wishes for both candidates!

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