ORCA-Prize 2017


Nominations are invited for the ORCA Prize 2017.
The deadline for nominations is December 31st 2016.

This prestigious prize is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of dental caries research.

Only ORCA members can make nominations for the prize but nominees need not be ORCA members. Moreover, there are no restrictions on nominees with respect to age or seniority, and persons who have previously been nominated unsuccessfully can be re-nominated. The main qualification is a body of original published work in caries research, but this may be supported by a record of active promotion of caries research in other ways.
Each nomination should be supplemented by a ‘brief statement of the reasons for nomination’ (i.e. a suggested citation), a curriculum vitae including a listing of ‘the body of original published work’, the field(s) in which the nominee predominantly works or worked, and the location where he/she did so.

Please send your nomination to the chairman of the Prize Committee:
Professor Adrian Lussi by e-mail adrian.lussi@zmk.unibe.ch

2015 Winner


Professor Cynthia Pine winner of the ORCA Prize 2015 (left)

Cynthia Pine who at present is Professor of Dental Public Health at Queen Mary University of London was born in Guyana, South America and has studied dentistry at the University of Manchester. In 1982 she received her PhD also at the University of Manchester.

Prof Cynthia Pine is author and co-author of more than 100 publications. She supervised 22 theses and was invited to give invited lectures in 25 countries and universities worldwide. Her research focus is on the prevention of childhood dental caries, taking a population community approach aligned with enhancing parental self-efficacy for behaviours related to dental health. Her research is multi-disciplinary with partners in health and clinical psychology, biostatistics, health economics, nutrition and primary school education. She has considerable expertise in community clinical trials of caries prevention for children.

Professor Pine has been invited to advise and has undertaken commissioned work for the Departments of Health in England and Scotland and with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Between 2003 and 2013 she was the Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research in Oral Health of Deprived Communities in Liverpool. She has supported international developments and collaborations in dental research by holding elected office in our organisation; in the European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH) and in the International Association of Dental Research (IADR). She was Secretary General of ORCA and served as Associate Editor for Caries Research. She is the Founding President of the European Association of Dental Public Health and she was President of the Cariology Research Group of IADR.

Prof. Cynthia Pine has developed significant senior leadership and managerial experience in universities where she held the positions as Dean of Dentistry, Dean of Health and Social Care and Pro Vice Chancellor. It should be mentioned that she was the first woman who was appointed Dean of a UK Dental School.

Prof. Cynthia Pine also was active in teaching: she developed a new Masters Program in Dental Public Health and she led the team that developed the first ever UK combined Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy delivered by distance learning and outreach teaching.

Andreas G. Schulte, President of ORCA


ORCA-(Zsolnay) Prize
Past Winners

2015 Cynthia Pine
2014 David Beighton
2013 Not ORCA Prize but Ynge Ericsson Prize was awarded (link)
2012 Jaime Cury
2011 Peter Shellis
2010 Not ORCA Prize but Ynge Ericsson Prize was awarded (link)
2009 Adrian Lussi
2008 Helen Whelton
2007 George Stookey
2006 Brian Clarkson
2005 Nigel B Pitts
2004 Jorman Tenovuo
2003 Denis O'Mullane
2002 John DB Featherstone
2001 Bente Nyvad
2000 Jaap J ten Bosch



1999 B. Angmar-Mansson
1998 D. Geddes
1997 W.M. Edgar
1996 A. Rugg-Gunn
1995 H. Luoma
1994 G.N. Jenkins
1993 G. Bowden
1992 G.M. Whitford
1991 P.D. Marsh
1990 K.W. Stephen
1989 C. Dawes
1988 O. Fejerskov
1987 J.P. Carlos
1986 J.M. ten Cate
1985 J. Ekstrand
1984 G. Rolla
1983 F. Brudevold
1982 C. Robinson
1981 J. Arends
1980 H. Held
1978 J. Patz
1977 W.H. Bowen
1976 G.S. Ingram
1975 J.A. Beeley
1974 T. Mikx
1973 L.M. Silverstone
1972 B. Guggenheim
1971 C. Cimasoni
1970 J.M. Birkeland
1969 Y. Ericsson
1968 J.A. Weatherell
1967 S.A. Leach, W.G. Armstrong
1966 A. Boyde, T.M. Marthaler
1965 J.E. Eastoe
1964 K.G. König, H. Schule, R.J. Gibbons

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