ORCA Caries Research Course

Orca Caries Research Course and Caries International Symposium held in Colombia

The Coordinating Scientific Committee formed by David Beighton, Kim Ekstrand, Stefania Martignon and Andreas Schulte, is thanked for its efforts in organizing the 6-hour International Caries Symposium and the 2-day Caries Research Course in Colombia.

The Local Coordinating Committee represented by Stefania Martignon, Gina Castiblanco and the Caries Research Unit UNICA team is also acknowledged for its most impressive and successful organizational work.

The International Caries Symposium was held on November 30th in Bogotá at the El Bosque University, Colombia and was attended by 120 general practitioners, specialists, teachers, researchers and students in the area of Cariology coming from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay. Simultaneous interpretation from English to Spanish was available for those who preferred to follow the presentations in Spanish. All the power point presentations were given to the translators in advance to ensure familiarization with the technical terminology applied in dentistry. The presentations focused on the state of the art in dental erosion and in caries diagnosis, epidemiology, molecular microbiology, activity assessment, preventive and operative management and the use of antimicrobials and probiotics. Following the presentation, discussion between the participants and the panel of experts took place with a remarkable number of questions.

The Caries Research Course was held in the cozy municipality of Cucunubá at the Ubaté Valley in Colombia. Cuncunubá is located at 2590 meters above sea level and has a population of 10,000 inhabitants and disposed of all facilities for the event. 
Forty-nine selected participants attended the course and 25 universities from Colombia, Republic Dominican, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Chile were represented, in addition to one representative of the Ministry of Health of Paraguay and one representative of the  general practitioners  from Panama.

The selection of the participants was made by the local scientific committee to which ORCA expresses it gratitude for fruitful cooperation: Farith González – Research Chair of the Colombian Association of Dental Schools (ACFO), Jaime Eduardo Castellanos - President of the IADR Colombian Division and María Beatriz Ferro - Manager of the Alliance for a Cavity Free Future – Colombian Chapter, Colgate Palmolive.

The course focused on the preparation of study protocols for epidemiological, clinical, In vitro and In situ studies. Systematic reviews, statistics, research funding in Colombian and other countries and founding for international meetings were also discussed.

The participants were divided into 6 working groups supervised by experts in the field of Cariology: David Beighton, Joana Carvalho, Kim Ekstrand, Anderson Hara, Stefania Martignon, Fausto Mendes, Andreas Schulte, Svante Tweetman, Olga Lucía Zarta. A total of 8 study protocols mostly involving several countries in Latin America and Central America were prepared, presented and discussed.

Experts and participants of the ORCA Caries Research Course held in Colombia 2013.