Orca Groups and Committees

Working Groups and Committees

Publication Committee
Editor in chief
C. Ganss, Germany

Associate Editors
J.C. Carvalho, Belgium
J. Cury, Brazil
P. Anderson, UK
A.T. Hara, USA
H. Meyer-Lückel, Germany
M.-C.D.N.J.M. Huysmans, The Netherlands
M. Maltz, Brazil
N. Takahashi, Japan
D. Deng, The Netherlands

D.J. Manton, The Netherlands
V. Machiulskiene, Lithuania
R.A. Giacaman, Chile

Statistical Advisor
G. Burnside, UK
Scientific Programme Committee
C. Ganss, Germany
G. Campus, Italy/Switzerland
Vice President
M. Fontana, USA
ORCA Education Committee
A. Schulte, Germany
Vice President
M. Fontana, USA
Past President
C. Splieth, Germany
ORCA Webmaster

F. Lippert, USA