ORCA Conference Travel Fellowships 

These Fellowships will be available to assist attendance at an ORCA Congress. Researchers in the field of caries or related subjects will be eligible, and preference will be given to workers from underprivileged countries.

The applicant may not be a previous award winner.

Each fellowship will have a value up to EUR 1,200 as a contribution to costs of attending the Congress.

The applicant should prepare either:

  1. an abstract of research results, prepared according to the ‘Instructions for Authors of Abstracts’ (see above), or
  2. a proposal for a research project to be carried out by the applicant.

The proposal should have a clear aim and should describe the methods to be used. The project should be original work, to be executed in their own institute by the applicant supervised by an experienced researcher.

The research should potentially lead to a publication in an indexed journal.

Finally, the applicants should have an adequate mastery of English because, if successful, they will discuss their proposal with experts at the Congress.

The application should include:

  1. the abstract of research results or the research proposal, whichever is applicable;
  2. a curriculum vitae;
  3. a letter of recommendation from a senior staff member at the home institution;
  4. a description of the applicant’s present position and current research work.

It is strongly recommended that those who wish to apply ask advice as early as possible from the Vice-President of ORCA (vice-president@orca-caries-research.org).

Applicants who wish to present an abstract should submit the full application via the abstract submission form by the ORCA congress submission deadline. Applicants submitting a proposal for a research project should submit their application by the ORCA congress submission deadline to the Secretary General: (e-mail secretary@orca-caries-research.org).