Call ORCA Prize 2020

Nominations are invited for the ORCA Prize 2020. Nominations for the ORCA Prize 2020 are received by the Prize Committee till January 10, 2020. This prestigious prize is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of dental caries research.

Only ORCA members can make nominations for the prize but nominees need not be ORCA members. Moreover, there are no restrictions on nominees with respect to age or seniority, and persons who have previously been nominated unsuccessfully can be renominated.

The main qualification is a body of original published work in caries research, but this may be supported by a record of active promotion of caries research in other ways. The chairman of the Prize Committee will be Prof. Jaimy Cury. Each nomination should be supplemented by a “brief statement of the reasons for nomination” (i.e., a suggested citation), a curriculum vitae including a listing of “the body of original published work,” the field(s) in which the nominee predominantly works or worked, and the location where he/she did so.

Please send your nomination to the chairman of the Prize Committee: Prof. Jaimy Cury; e-mail: jcury